Vegetarian Tortilla Soup

Tortilla Soup with all the fixins

Tortilla Soup with all the fixins

After spending 6 years living in Texas, moving back to Los Angeles made me miss certain dishes that just don’t seem to crop up here often.  Frito Pie, Mexican Martinis, and my ultimate comfort food, Tortilla Soup.  I’ve never managed to find a restaurant that serves a vegetarian version, so I decided to perfect my own.  And when I say perfect, i’m not kidding.  This soup is so filling and good that it’s hard to believe how easy it is to prepare.


Serves 6

1 onion, chopped

1/2 tsp to 1 tsp Ancho chile powder

6 cups/48 oz. vegetable broth

2 14 oz. cans fire-roasted tomatoes with adobo and jalapeño

1 bunch/2 cups spinach

1/2 package of vegetarian chorizo such as Soyrizo

Juice of half a lime or lemon

1 package Queso Oaxaca

1 bag Tortilla chips (I use a mix of blue and white corn chips)

2 Avocados, peeled, seeded and diced


In a large soup pot, sauté the onion on medium heat until glassy, about 10 minutes.  Add ancho chile powder and stir to coat the onion.  Turn the heat up to high and add vegetable broth and roasted tomatoes.  Let boil, then turn down heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes.

While soup is simmering, fry the veggie chorizo in a non-stick skillet for 5-8 minutes.  Do not add oil to the pan, as the chorizo has enough oil in it.

Prepare the soup garnishes: grate the cheese and dice the avocados.

With a hand-blender, blender or food processor, blend soup to a smooth purée.

Add the veggie chorizo, spinach and lime juice and stir.

To serve, place handfuls of the tortilla chips, cheese and avocado in each bowl.  Ladle soup over garnishes.


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