Wedding Cake Straight Outta Chocolate Style

paisley heart

coconut cake is for lovers

Last weekend some friends and fellow DJs got married in Griffith Park.  I created this psychedelic paisley coconut cake for the occasion.  The bride and groom had asked for muted 70s colors, paisley and flowers, which had me searching out vintage clothes and photos for that perfect paisley.  I finally found it, mixed with daisies, on a piece of old fabric. Then I handpainted chocolate pieces based on the fabric. Each component of the cake contained coconut, from the custard filling to the buttercream to the simple syrup soaking each layer.   I wanted to create super-coconut flavor without using coconut extract, which can taste fake, so there was a lot of coconut milk and unsweetened grated coconut involved in the creation of this cake.

It was the first time in years that I had made a cake this big, so I was a little nervous.  The Cake Bible recommended using drinking straws as supports between the layers, which worked out really well.  Stone and I managed to drive the heavy cake over to the restaurant and maneuver it up and down several flights of stairs without a problem.  After we dropped it off, we had a celebratory Bloody Mary, then headed off to the park.  The wedding was beautiful, and the reception at El Tres Inn was a blast.

right before they cut the cake


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