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Chocolate Storm


In the midst of some unexpectedly rainy Los Angeles weather, I have been baking up a storm.  First off was an Ian Curtis/Joy Division cake, which was one I had done before, but was happy to repeat.  The first time I made this cake, my chocolate wasn’t properly tempered and not having time to start over,  it showed badly in the end result.  Two years, lots of experimentation and 5,000 pounds of chocolate later, I can honestly say I won’t have that problem again!  This time, the chocolate came out perfectly, as you can see above.


After the Joy Division success, I was asked to create something for the 100th birthday of Tennessee Williams.  Skylight Books and the Skylight Theater were hosting a series of performances of classic Williams plays, with refreshments that included this cake.

Not sure what or who I will be asked to create next, but i’m looking forward to finding out!